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38 icons


3     Angelina Jolie
15   Charlotte Riley
12   Milla Jovovich
3     Misc. Actesses (Jennifer Tilly, Shannon Sossamon)
5     Pirate of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest
>> Sweetheart, sick body part<<Collapse )

No shirt, no shoes, no pulse, no service!

Watched the full Goon teaser trailer & can't wait for it to come out...it looks like it's gonna be one of the best films to come out in a long while...i mean The Goon comics are the greatest & Fincher is producing & assisting the directors & Powell wrote the script...i actually cannot FRELLING wait!

35 Summer Glau icons

I love Firefly & recently watched the first season of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicals & loved it! so decided to make a bunch of Summer Glau icons...cos she is AWESOME!


>>I want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life<<Collapse )


OMfrellingG! I just found the greatest LOST t-shirt ever! It says "Desmond: ending every sentance with 'brother' since 2004" LOLOLOL!


Because Elizabeth Mitchell is the greatest & because I love LOST I made a few icons of both of them....YEY!


>>The moon is a big silver smile, I think I'd like to stay here for a while<<Collapse )

37 icons of some of the ladies from Lost


1-8 Elizabeth Mitchell-(Juliet Burke)
9-25 Emlie de Ravin-(Claire Littleton)
26-29 Rebecca Mader-(Charlotte Staples Lewis)
30-37 Yunjin Kim-(Sun-Hwa Kwon)

>>Hunt you to the ground they will, Mannequins with kill appeal<<Collapse )

36 Farscape:Peacekeeper Wars part 1 icons

I bought the Peacekeeper Wars yesterday & watched it....greatest thing ever created btw...& decided to make some icons of it. Here is the icons of the 1st part...ta da!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

BTW-May contain spoilers

>> I see how he gets you to close your eyes & kiss the skies<<Collapse )

20 Olga Baclanova icons

 I love awesome actresses & Olga Baclanova is amazing so I decided to make a few icons of her. She had the world's greatest eyes EVER....seriously...no one has ever or will ever have eyes as awesome as Olga's.  

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

>>Then there was this kiss, he said that he couldn't resist<<Collapse )

30 Helena Bonham Carter icons

Helena Bonham Carter should be queen of the universe....enough said.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

>>Why so scared of romance?<<Collapse )


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